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Posted by benacquitted on October 19, 2008

We’re onto the blogosphere. This is our first go at such a venture, simple as it may be……we’ll still find a way to make it more difficult than necessary. This was the brainchild of some friends over an extended amount of time & finally came to frutation over some alcohol (go figure).

So far, Ben Her is our administrator but has yet to make a post, fucking slacker. However, you will get a kick out of Ben aka Biff Timber’s posts over the numerous things he hates in life, and god help us, there is a laundry list of shit so the posts should be plentiful.

Here’s a little background on Biff Timber: The moniker of Biff Timber was given to him a short time ago. We thought everyone should have some stupid alter-ego nickname in drunken times to shift blame upon when things went badly. Ben (aka Biff Timber), was the one lone individual who embraced his nickname head-on & hasn’t looked back since. He actually refers to himself by his nickname. Classy guy huh? Anywho, that’s a very short introduction to the start of our blog.  We’re sure there will be various contributors as we grow with this unit & hilarity will absolutely ensue. We can guarantee that.

Until we meet again, Ben Acquitted bids you a good day.


4 Responses to “We’re Off”

  1. beef said

    Surprise Bitches. I like the introduction & the idea of a blog. This is definitely much needed.

  2. mike from akron said

    what a well written first post, i can tell this is a blog to follow in the future – as i will be subscribing to the rss feed. keep up the good blogging.

    p.s. – i hope no one associated with this blog is 1-6 in fantasy football, that would really make me think twice about this blog and its potential.

    -mike in akron

  3. April said

    I am patiently waiting for the laundry list of things Mr. Timber hates. I for one try to make a point out of everything that irritates Biff while at work. I had no Idea there were others among us who also had noticed his obsession. Way too Funny!
    Biff Timber…aka….Cheese hater

  4. bifftimber said

    I must say that is the best intro ever. Since I dont hate it I will give it my Biff Timber approval and 5/5! Keep it up

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