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An Open Letter to ilovebigsunglasses and Mike From Akron

Posted by bencoping on October 21, 2008

We at Bifftimber’s Blog appreciate the reader interaction, so much so that any of us at any one time are fantasizing over comments.  Without said comments our beloved blog would shrivle and die.  Die horribly like death from Jonas Brothers or something like that.  That being said, we at Bifftimber’s Blog had an emergency blog meeting at 3:03 pm today October 21st 2008 in a secret location (it wasn’t MSN Messenger) to discuss this matter.  We came up with a list of suggestions requirements we’d like all readers to adhere to.  I present to you them in bulleted form, because there is no form better than bulleted form.

  • your hometown/location must be included your name
  • comments must be no more than 122.3 characters (the letter ‘x’ counts as 1/3 a character)
  • comments must make sense and be grammatically correct
  • ok that last one was bullshit
  • comments cannot in any way attack the blogging integrity of a contributor (unless its benacquitted)
  • comments must be from the 3rd person perspective and also from the 11th person perspective
  • comments must have bullet item number 1 as the signature

Now Mike From Akron has been a model commentator in our short blogging life, keep up the good work Mike.  On the other hand ilovebigsunglasses has been a repeat offender and well, they are pretty much the only two who have read our blog so far.  Thats all for now, and remember – keep your stick on the ice.



6 Responses to “An Open Letter to ilovebigsunglasses and Mike From Akron”

  1. Ben Acquitted said

    Ben Acquitted says ‘bring it’. I’m a man!!!

  2. mike from akron said

    mike from akron would like to continue to comment and isn’t sure what the 11th person perspective is (mike from akron uses the 3rd exclusively) but if its anything like missionary, mike from akron is down.

    -mike from akron

  3. ilovebigsunglasses said

    ilovebigsunglasses would like to express her thanks at the requirements that were so kindly posted…she definitely needs more people giving her lame requirements to obey…let her guess….the actual bloggers are exempt from the requirements they just had a “meeting” about…correct?

  4. Ben Acquitted said

    You are correct ilovebigsunglasses. And we here @ Biff Timber’s Blog would like to point out that you are still violating the comment policies we laid out in concise bulleted form. In the future, please adhere to the policies. We value your input but only in the aforementioned format.

  5. ilovebigsunglasses said

    ilovesunglasses appreciates the hard work the bloggers must have put into the SUGGESTIONS and would like to point out the freedom to use her first ammendment rights.

    ilovesunglasses from noneofyourbusiness

  6. bifftimber said

    This is a great post
    * Biff Timber is happy to give you 5/5.

    * Biff Timber wants more!

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