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Big Sunglasses?

Posted by bifftimber on October 21, 2008

This is just a bit a problem with me. Who would have thought that fricking old people would start a trend? Old people use these HUGE sunglasses for a reason.

That being said, I don’t understand what the point of people under the age of 60 is for wearing these. Are you albino? If not, you should not have problems with the sun and just wear normal sunglasses. Just because it covers your whole face it does not make you look cooler.

If I see someone driving and they have huge sunglasses on, I try to stay away from them because I think they are old and looking for an Old Country Buffet. I mean even South Park knows that old people can’t drive. The only thing is, in that episode they were not wearing the the huge sunglasses. I honestly want to tell you that your huge sunglasses look so fricking stupid but you think so highly of yourself that you would not even listen.

Some of the hottest women wear them and I don’t like it because it hides too much of their face. Maybe ugly people should wear them in order to hide.

Oh well….Big sunglasses won’t be going anywhere soon but some day they will be gone and all you ass faces who supported them will laugh at yourself and ask why you once used to think they were cool.

Think about that!

i hate these

Timber out


12 Responses to “Big Sunglasses?”

  1. ilovebigsunglasses said

    Well Bifftimber….your opinion is noted. However, I think big sunglasses are hott….yes…that is hott with 2 T’s. I don’t believe old people started this trend at all. It actually started making waves due to the old Hollywood starlets…Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grable and who could forget Audrey Hepburn?! All beautiful women, all rocked big sunglasses in their day. Possibly to not startle people with their beauty or to not be recognized….either way, they were not over the age of 60 when they put the big sunlasses on the map in pop culture. True, ugly people probably should wear them to hide their un-comely features but they were made into a fashionable accesory by the beautiful people!

    Are you just complaining about them because big sunglasses give women that you are oogling a great cover up in the fact that they see you staring but definitely don’t want to look at you for fear that you may come over and hit on them? Hmmm…

    You are entitled to your opinion but you need to realize that big sunglasses will NEVER go away. They may fade into the background for a while, but they will always make a comeback…just look at flared and wide-legged jeans, throwback jerseys, flat ironed hair….etc.

    How about you rant about guys think basketball shorts are an acceptable “every day wear” type of item?! Oaky, they may be comfortable but you are not Kevin Garnett, so please don’t think that wearing them makes you look like you can ball…you just look sloppy!

  2. mike from akron said

    mike thinks ilovebigsunglasses and biff have a history prior to this blog

    -mike from akron

  3. ilovebigsunglasses said

    Yes we do….I love bifftimber….I’m sad that he doesn’t love me and my big sunglasses….sigh……

  4. bifftimber said

    You are the reason I dont like big Sunglasses!! Otherwise it could have been great!

  5. ilovebigsunglasses said

    Simmer down there buddy….I thought old people were the reason? Well….I am not old….well…not really…I like how you pinpoint me…like I am the ONLY person who rocks the big sunglasses…sorry if I happen to like hiding my face from everyone so they can’t see my expression when I look down on them in scorn…Truthfully, I wear big sunglasses because I am one of the ugly people trying to hide my face…sniffsniff….I’m going to go shoot myself now…my only request is that they bury me in my big sunglasses…

    ilovebigsunglasses….signing off…for good…because big sunglasses are for old and ugly people….and I am both……WAAAAAHHHHHHH

  6. KIP said

    I would like to ask “ilovebigsunglasses”, how old is or would be those women you named? they are old!! I think we can blame the unreasonably gigantic sun blockers on “The Hills”.

    In response to the shorts:
    Do you have balls? NO! (i’m assuming here) Sometimes letting our guys let loose, get unrestricted, and hang free is more important than the way we appear. most girls don’t look like Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlow, Jayne Mansfield, Betty Grable and who could forget Audrey Hepburn…so lose the shades and show the upper half of your body!!

    Biff, drink a beer. You deserved it on this one!


  7. justavictim said

    I also rock the huge sunglasses, and I have a confession: I used to feel the same as you about the big sunglasses-I hated them…but my mind was changed when I realized that I could no longer buy any normal-sized sunglasses without shopping in the men’s department or a skanky gas station, so I might as well give in and fall head-over-heels in love with the giant plastic goggles. Sometimes we women are victims of our society’s fashion trends. Please have mercy on our souls.

  8. ilovebigsunglasses said

    What age do you clasify old?
    Biff describes old as 60….I can for sure say that the starlets were not 60 while rocking the big sunglasses.

    No thanks, I would like to keep my upper half covered…along with my face in the big sunglasses

    Yes, I have balls….they are attached to the man I sleep with.

  9. mike from akron said

    mike thinks ilovebigsunglasses needs a quaalude

    -mike from akron

  10. ilovebigsunglasses said

    ilovebigsunglasses says – thanks mike from akron, but she follows the teachings of D.A.R.E. closely and she chooses to just say no

  11. bencoping said

    oh so close on that one ilovebigsunglasses, don’t forget bullet item number 1 and 7. and mike from akron, lets keep the drug talk to a minimum, we don’t need any federalies snooping around our blog.

  12. bifftimber said

    Does that mean Drugs are really expensive?

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