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Ok I am here!

Posted by bifftimber on October 21, 2008

Welcome to my mind! I am sorry if this upsets you in any way but really I don’t care.

First off, I do hate a lot of things and I am not sure why yet.  Other posts will go into detail about such things but until then, hold on. I have been getting a lot of pressure to start a blog even though I don’t really know what a blog is good for.

Also, I am up for anything funny. You have something funny to add to this site please let me know. Funny Videos, Jokes, Quotes anything…. If it sucks I will let you know and get rid of it asap.

Thank you and Enjoy

Biff Timber


2 Responses to “Ok I am here!”

  1. Ben Acquitted said

    Woot! Biff in da house! I’m going to rant about something today so stay tuned.

  2. mike from akron said

    biff – i have heard nothing but positive things about your blogging skills, your beer die game could use some work though.

    i love you guys!

    -mike from akron

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