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Why Facebook = Suck^(Stupid +1)

Posted by benacquitted on October 21, 2008

Ok, I’m going to say it: Facebook is fucking stupid. Know why? 2 words: Status Updates. Nobody gives a fuck what you are doing during a given interval of a day. You are not cool. Nobody thinks you’re cool & nobody is interested in what you’re doing. Wait, I take that back. Your mom cares. So if your mom has a Facebook account, then by all means, update your stupid ass status all day long. But the rest of the world does not care. I mean, come on. Barack Obama does not update his status as often as you do & he’s running for President of the United States.

I imagine many of you do not like my stance on this issue & think Facebook is super sweet & awesome. NEWS FLASH, BLAM! It’s not cool or super sweet or awesome. I’m willing to wager dollars to donuts (or whatever the kids are callings bets these days) that you have Facebook open in a seperate tab right now & were getting ready to update your status but then stumbled upon this blog posting & hopefully decided against it. No Samantha, I don’t care if you’re ‘excited to see some movie blah blah blah…..’ or ‘that you think rain is yucky’. Keep it to yourself. Idiot. What? You think I’m mean? That’s fine, come at me. I’m a man!!!! Just like Mike Gundy, except I don’t have Boone Pickens in my pocket. Now, THAT would be super sweet if I did. I would definitely update my status on Facebook with that gem.

PS – If you don’t know who Mike Gundy or Boone Pickens is, go perform a google search & learn something instead of updating your Facebook status. Smucks.


2 Responses to “Why Facebook = Suck^(Stupid +1)”

  1. mike from akron said

    preach on brother benacquitted, preach on. mike doesn’t have a facebook acct, but if he did his status would be:

    -mike from akron

  2. bifftimber said

    Epic is all I have to say BA (thats your new name since I dont want to type the full name, that being said was longer than the actual name, but from now on I will use BA and I will use it often) Yes that is another 5/5.

    But on the real I am going to change my Facebook Status right now!

    Timber out

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