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Hallway Talkers

Posted by bifftimber on October 22, 2008

You know who you are. Even though you have an office and space in that office for people to gather and talk. You even have a seat at your desk, you think it is so much better to bring the conversation out into the hallway? I hate this, because at this point, one of the two want to get going the other one is just holding on to the time for as long as they can.

It also never fails that one is on one side of the hallway while the other stays at his/her door, or you move just far enough away from the door and take up more of the hallway. Then you stand there talking and talking. Anyone now who passes you has to excuse themselves or they become the rude person. When really, it is You, hallway talker. Do not worry, we will all walk around you…….if you even allow that. And you can continue your talking. Go back to your office and finish the talking and once it is time to go for either one of the people get out and move on.

-a pissed off Timber


One Response to “Hallway Talkers”

  1. mike from akron said

    mike from akron can relate to this subject bifftimber. mike also dislikes hallway talkers. the hallway is for the hall, not for conversation.

    -mike from akron

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