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Internal Change @ Biff Timber’s Blog

Posted by benacquitted on October 22, 2008

Hello to all you wonderful readers. I would like to inform you all that I will be relinquishing my writing duties effective immediately. I have self-appointed myself as editor-in-chief of Biff Timber’s Blog. This is strictly in an effort to fulfill our ultimate goal: reaching the front page of Digg. We did not expect our blog to gain exposure so quickly, we had 300+ page views yesterday, along with some awesome-o comments. All that in only 3 days of going public. Needless to say, some structure was needed within our community a little sooner than anticipated.

So keep reading the rants & mussings of Biff Timber, Ben Coping, & our guest writer; Ben Yankin. I will hold their performance to the highest standards that you have come to expect from Biff Timber’s Blog. Thank you for the tremendous support. We love you all, especially you, Mike from Akron.

Oh yea, one other thing. My grasshopper theory was correct. The Dow plunged over 500 points today.

Your editor-in-chief, Ben Acquitted


2 Responses to “Internal Change @ Biff Timber’s Blog”

  1. Ben Drinkin (I'm not sure how you guys came up w/ your names) said

    Ben Drinkin thinks first thing you need to do as editor in chief is spell musing correctly

    Also, When Ben Drinkin first looked at this page, he thought it was the dumbest idea ever!! Did you guys really need a blog???

    The answer; yes.

    Now as Ben Drinkin spends many unrelenting hours in class, he finds he can’t leave this page. Good Job Guys!!

  2. freetownkid said

    Freetownkid is in accord with the “Internal Change” here at Biff Timber’s, but would like to express a feeling of dismally low spirits due to the departure of Ben Acquitted.

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