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Posted by bifftimber on October 24, 2008

I do like this guys thoughts about things and even though I am not a fan of either elect right now. Take a minute and listen to him. Watch the whole video and then comment.



3 Responses to “Just a thought”

  1. Ben Acquitted said

    Ben Acquitted does not like the bipartisan direction this blog has suddenly taken. Very little of what was stated in that video was true. Drill for oil within the United States territory? Sure, it’s a short term fix but it won’t accomplish anything. 25 years later we will be in another oil crisis because our reserves have been used up. Then guess what happens to your gas prices? They sky rocket because we have only one option to turn to. Yep, the Middle East, who will spurn us for turning them away in 2010. Socialism? Really? People need to look up the definition & stop throwing around a phrase they have learned within the last 2 weeks. Get real.

  2. Ben Drink'in said

    This guy definitely knows what he’s talking about because he used to be a liberal and now he is a republican. WOW, I’m impressed. I like how he makes things up and does not have any of the facts correct.

    First, just look at the guy. Nice hat. Also how many fucking takes does this guy need? Couldn’t pull it through in one take, good try.

    Second, he doesn’t even know what Obama’s healthcare plan is. Obama is not advocating to give every person free healthcare. He is however trying to keep the price of insurance down and get people covered for their pre-existing conditions. Everyone who works at ALN knows how much it would suck to not be covered for a pre-existing condition. Shit is always getting denied and the patients have to pay for that shit. Maybe this guy should try and pay for cancer surgery on his own, b/c it occurred while he was not insured.

    He’s talking about using the open market for healthcare like its perfect. Let me ask you is it a perfect system right now, does everyone have insurance, is mal-practice insurance at a decent rate, is healthcare affordable??? A free market is a good thing however it is not a perfect solution for this. One, when you’re in a car wreck are you really going to be calling different hospitals to find the lowest price, “hi, yeah I’m bleeding out of my head right now, approximately how much do you think that will cost to fix, yeah, and how long is the wait, oh really can I make an appointment for tomorrow, oh maybe Wednesday then, ok see you Wednesday at 10:00.” Or do you call 911 and have to pay whatever the fuck they say you pay. Two, the patients aren’t even the ones that are negotiating the price. The insurance companies are the ones to negotiate the prices with the hospital. If your insurance company does not cover a procedure then you are left to pay the balance without any negotiations.

    Third, is this guy really blaming Bush’s actions on the democrats. Did the democrats trip Bush into going to war with Iraq? Did the Democrats trip Bush into saying he would fire the person to leak Valery Plame’s name, and then keep Rove and pardon Libby? Did the democrats want the tax cuts to go to the wealthy? Did the democrats fuck over Katrina victims? And on and on and on……

    Fourth, he wants to drill for oil to back the dollar. Does he actually think that we have $10 trillion worth of oil in the US. We don’t need to have our currency backed, we just need to have a stable economy. Also I agree w/ Ben Acquitted it is a temporary fix. We have to invest in alternative technology. The US has not thrived b/c they copied what other countries do. The reason the US has been successful is because we come up with new technology and people pay us for our new products. We are not exporting products where we stole the design from Russia. The quicker we are not relying on oil the quicker we can say fuck off to the Middle East.

    Finally, and I could go on for awhile but I’m bored. He is criticizing Obama for having an exit strategy in Iraq. He says it’s like a coach telling another coach their game plan. It’s more like one coach telling another that they are going to try and win the fucking game. It’s not a very big secret that we want to get the fuck out of Iraq. Anyone who doesn’t know that, well probably looks a lot like this guy.

  3. mike from akron said

    mike from akron agrees that what Sen. Obama is proposing in his tax plan is a mild form of socialism. Not quite as socialist as what Alaska does with its dividend checks from oil rent (who is the governor there again?) but socialism like in mike’s mind nonetheless. now would socialism have any place in our capitalistic economy? the father of capitalism believes so…

    “The necessaries of life occasion the great expense of the poor. . . . The luxuries and vanities of life occasion the principal expense of the rich, and a magnificent house embellishes and sets off to the best advantage all the other luxuries and vanities which they possess. . . . It is not very unreasonable that the rich should contribute to the public expense, not only in proportion to their revenue, but something more than in that proportion.”

    -adam smith, the wealth of nations

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