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Live Blog of Fantasy NBA Draft 2008

Posted by benacquitted on October 24, 2008

7:00pm – Getting excited. Outside of our house is filling up with spectators.

7:01 BA – I’m going to draft Kobe Bryant. And then purchase a Black Mamba jersey for my future puppy to wear.

7:06 Biff – I am worried because I don’t know a lot about basketball.

7:23 bencoping – can’t draft, odd number of teams.

7:27 Biff – worried we won’t have 10 for the draft.

7:28 Biff – we missed our time and we can’t draft with odd # of teams. we got a tenth team, but to late. BA is pissed BC is pissed and Biff is pissed. Sad day in FBB.

7:29 BA – can’t find draft link. Scary.

7:38 BC – fail

7:39 BA – how? what? dammit! sad? yes? odd team = no good, yahoo does not like an odd number of teams.

7:40 BA – tune back in on Oct 30th @ 7:30pm. we will try again. 😦


4 Responses to “Live Blog of Fantasy NBA Draft 2008”

  1. Jasper said

    Man what an intense draft

  2. Jasper from Minnetonka said

    Shit is outta control we can’t get into our draft. What the hell is going on. Now its saying we can’t draft until the 30th. This is bullshit. Damn yahoo.

  3. Jasper from Minnetonka said

    Why would someone bring chips and not suds to a draft? I got two words come on.

  4. bifftimber said

    hmmm maybe someone was not going to drink and wanted to bring some food. Maybe someone even called and asked if they should bring anything else besides chips. Maybe the person on the other line heard them wrong and thought they were bringing suds. I dont know how it happened but it did. So Jasper from Minnetonka, stay out of the chips!!

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