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texting when you should just make a call?!?

Posted by bifftimber on October 28, 2008

I don’t know why it is so hard to make a call anymore. What the hell is going on that you really don’t want to talk to someone but you would like to know what they are doing. Really now people stop texting others with,

What are you doing?

Any plans?

This just gets an answer of “nothing what are you doing” or “yeah going downtown” or who knows but then come the best part. The follow up text.

What time? What bar? and so on. This is just so stupid to me because all this takes more time to type then to just make a phone call and talk about this and move on.

-not a fan of texting Biff Timber


One Response to “texting when you should just make a call?!?”

  1. Jasper from Minnetonka said

    Text messaging can be a little over the top especially when you have who,what, when and where questions involved in the conversation. That just turns the text into a manuscript, and a lot I mean a lot of wasted time.

    Jasper from Minnetonka says keep blogging.

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