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Baddest Ass in the world injured…again

Posted by bencoping on December 8, 2008

Here’s to a speedy recovery Bear.


2 Responses to “Baddest Ass in the world injured…again”

  1. mike from akron said

    mike from akron once had his life saved by Bear. True story, mike from akron was lost in the badlands of south dakota and remembered the episode where Bear ate a yak eyeball. mike from akron didn’t eat a yak eyeball because they aren’t yaks in the badlands, but the loud vomiting sound signaled mike from akron’s location to the rest of mike from akron’s party. turns out mike from akron was only a few furlongs from the campsite. our thoughts and prayers are with you Bear.

    -mike from akron

  2. KIP from 88 said

    KIP from 88 now lives with Bear, and now thinks that the whole show is a fraud. Not only can he not climb over a childrens gate, he has trouble going up stairs. KIP from 88 wants to see Bear teach Biff Timber how to eat a fish head.

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