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Live Blog of Fantasy NBA Draft 2008

Posted by benacquitted on October 24, 2008

7:00pm – Getting excited. Outside of our house is filling up with spectators.

7:01 BA – I’m going to draft Kobe Bryant. And then purchase a Black Mamba jersey for my future puppy to wear.

7:06 Biff – I am worried because I don’t know a lot about basketball.

7:23 bencoping – can’t draft, odd number of teams.

7:27 Biff – worried we won’t have 10 for the draft.

7:28 Biff – we missed our time and we can’t draft with odd # of teams. we got a tenth team, but to late. BA is pissed BC is pissed and Biff is pissed. Sad day in FBB.

7:29 BA – can’t find draft link. Scary.

7:38 BC – fail

7:39 BA – how? what? dammit! sad? yes? odd team = no good, yahoo does not like an odd number of teams.

7:40 BA – tune back in on Oct 30th @ 7:30pm. we will try again. 😦


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Obama = President = Bad Ass = Digs Some Fantasy Football

Posted by benacquitted on October 23, 2008

Barack Obama is a stud. That is all I will say. You know it, I know it & everybody else in the country better damn well know it.

Your editor-in-chief & political correspondent, Ben Acquitted

PS – mussings is spelled with the letter S multiple times due to the sole fact that Biff Timber muses more than the average human being.

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