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An Open Letter to ilovebigsunglasses and Mike From Akron

Posted by bencoping on October 21, 2008

We at Bifftimber’s Blog appreciate the reader interaction, so much so that any of us at any one time are fantasizing over comments.  Without said comments our beloved blog would shrivle and die.  Die horribly like death from Jonas Brothers or something like that.  That being said, we at Bifftimber’s Blog had an emergency blog meeting at 3:03 pm today October 21st 2008 in a secret location (it wasn’t MSN Messenger) to discuss this matter.  We came up with a list of suggestions requirements we’d like all readers to adhere to.  I present to you them in bulleted form, because there is no form better than bulleted form.

  • your hometown/location must be included your name
  • comments must be no more than 122.3 characters (the letter ‘x’ counts as 1/3 a character)
  • comments must make sense and be grammatically correct
  • ok that last one was bullshit
  • comments cannot in any way attack the blogging integrity of a contributor (unless its benacquitted)
  • comments must be from the 3rd person perspective and also from the 11th person perspective
  • comments must have bullet item number 1 as the signature

Now Mike From Akron has been a model commentator in our short blogging life, keep up the good work Mike.  On the other hand ilovebigsunglasses has been a repeat offender and well, they are pretty much the only two who have read our blog so far.  Thats all for now, and remember – keep your stick on the ice.



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Ok I am here!

Posted by bifftimber on October 21, 2008

Welcome to my mind! I am sorry if this upsets you in any way but really I don’t care.

First off, I do hate a lot of things and I am not sure why yet.  Other posts will go into detail about such things but until then, hold on. I have been getting a lot of pressure to start a blog even though I don’t really know what a blog is good for.

Also, I am up for anything funny. You have something funny to add to this site please let me know. Funny Videos, Jokes, Quotes anything…. If it sucks I will let you know and get rid of it asap.

Thank you and Enjoy

Biff Timber

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Posted by bencoping on October 20, 2008

Ben Coping here saying hello.  Haven’t had much time to contribute lately because I’ve been…well, coping.  A little background on myself: I’m named Ben, I heart all things Ben related as well as the LHC and enjoy wetting my audio appetite on one thing and one thing only…Jesse McCartney.

Until next time-I’m leaving…blah blah blurg

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We’re Off

Posted by benacquitted on October 19, 2008

We’re onto the blogosphere. This is our first go at such a venture, simple as it may be……we’ll still find a way to make it more difficult than necessary. This was the brainchild of some friends over an extended amount of time & finally came to frutation over some alcohol (go figure).

So far, Ben Her is our administrator but has yet to make a post, fucking slacker. However, you will get a kick out of Ben aka Biff Timber’s posts over the numerous things he hates in life, and god help us, there is a laundry list of shit so the posts should be plentiful.

Here’s a little background on Biff Timber: The moniker of Biff Timber was given to him a short time ago. We thought everyone should have some stupid alter-ego nickname in drunken times to shift blame upon when things went badly. Ben (aka Biff Timber), was the one lone individual who embraced his nickname head-on & hasn’t looked back since. He actually refers to himself by his nickname. Classy guy huh? Anywho, that’s a very short introduction to the start of our blog.  We’re sure there will be various contributors as we grow with this unit & hilarity will absolutely ensue. We can guarantee that.

Until we meet again, Ben Acquitted bids you a good day.

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