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TV and Radio Commercials

Posted by bifftimber on March 5, 2009

Really? I thought you had people getting paid to come up with this stuff, yet most of all it sucks. People on YouTube can make better adds than this crap.

Mainly, I can’t stand the adds that try to sound hip and cool. First off, we are not in the 90’s anymore and we are not surfers. So stop with the “Far Out” and “Dude”.  Amigos is real bad at this.

What are your thoughts readers?



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texting when you should just make a call?!?

Posted by bifftimber on October 28, 2008

I don’t know why it is so hard to make a call anymore. What the hell is going on that you really don’t want to talk to someone but you would like to know what they are doing. Really now people stop texting others with,

What are you doing?

Any plans?

This just gets an answer of “nothing what are you doing” or “yeah going downtown” or who knows but then come the best part. The follow up text.

What time? What bar? and so on. This is just so stupid to me because all this takes more time to type then to just make a phone call and talk about this and move on.

-not a fan of texting Biff Timber

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Just a thought

Posted by bifftimber on October 24, 2008

I do like this guys thoughts about things and even though I am not a fan of either elect right now. Take a minute and listen to him. Watch the whole video and then comment.


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Jimmy Johns – Subs So Fast You’ll Freak

Posted by bencoping on October 23, 2008

Jimmy Johns is well known for their slogan – Subs So Fast You’ll Freak. You’ll freak all right. Not at the speediness of the sandwich construction, but at the simple fact they can’t get your fucking sandwich correct if their life depended on it. I don’t get it. Your one job in life, especially over the lunch hour is to make fucking sandwiches. How can it be that you suck so bad at your destiny? Don’t get me wrong, their sandwiches are delicious, the one out of every seven they actually get right. But now I have to sit here and stare at my Italian Night Club instead of enjoying this tasty morsel because it has fucking tomatoes on it!!!!

-an angry (and hungry) bencoping

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Hallway Talkers

Posted by bifftimber on October 22, 2008

You know who you are. Even though you have an office and space in that office for people to gather and talk. You even have a seat at your desk, you think it is so much better to bring the conversation out into the hallway? I hate this, because at this point, one of the two want to get going the other one is just holding on to the time for as long as they can.

It also never fails that one is on one side of the hallway while the other stays at his/her door, or you move just far enough away from the door and take up more of the hallway. Then you stand there talking and talking. Anyone now who passes you has to excuse themselves or they become the rude person. When really, it is You, hallway talker. Do not worry, we will all walk around you…….if you even allow that. And you can continue your talking. Go back to your office and finish the talking and once it is time to go for either one of the people get out and move on.

-a pissed off Timber

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Posted by bifftimber on October 21, 2008

You Piss me Off!!

Yeah I said it. This post will not get many hate comments since I don’t think the rednecks will be able to use the internet and if they can, they won’t be able to read it. That being said, I will post this video so they can see how dumb they look. Also, since they can not read, they will like the video I have posted and be happy and move on.


From your sister/cousin as your wife, to your smoke stacks on your truck that has no point nor serves any purpose on your truck. From your guns too big to fire without a stand, to your jumping into mud holes. Please go fishing with you arm/hand as a lure more and weed your existence here on earth. I know the proper name is noodling only because I have had a redneck as my roommate.

Please, we know that you won’t go away since your too poor to purchase a condom but don’t prove how dumb you are by going out into public anymore.

Timber out

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Big Sunglasses?

Posted by bifftimber on October 21, 2008

This is just a bit a problem with me. Who would have thought that fricking old people would start a trend? Old people use these HUGE sunglasses for a reason.

That being said, I don’t understand what the point of people under the age of 60 is for wearing these. Are you albino? If not, you should not have problems with the sun and just wear normal sunglasses. Just because it covers your whole face it does not make you look cooler.

If I see someone driving and they have huge sunglasses on, I try to stay away from them because I think they are old and looking for an Old Country Buffet. I mean even South Park knows that old people can’t drive. The only thing is, in that episode they were not wearing the the huge sunglasses. I honestly want to tell you that your huge sunglasses look so fricking stupid but you think so highly of yourself that you would not even listen.

Some of the hottest women wear them and I don’t like it because it hides too much of their face. Maybe ugly people should wear them in order to hide.

Oh well….Big sunglasses won’t be going anywhere soon but some day they will be gone and all you ass faces who supported them will laugh at yourself and ask why you once used to think they were cool.

Think about that!

i hate these

Timber out

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Why Facebook = Suck^(Stupid +1)

Posted by benacquitted on October 21, 2008

Ok, I’m going to say it: Facebook is fucking stupid. Know why? 2 words: Status Updates. Nobody gives a fuck what you are doing during a given interval of a day. You are not cool. Nobody thinks you’re cool & nobody is interested in what you’re doing. Wait, I take that back. Your mom cares. So if your mom has a Facebook account, then by all means, update your stupid ass status all day long. But the rest of the world does not care. I mean, come on. Barack Obama does not update his status as often as you do & he’s running for President of the United States.

I imagine many of you do not like my stance on this issue & think Facebook is super sweet & awesome. NEWS FLASH, BLAM! It’s not cool or super sweet or awesome. I’m willing to wager dollars to donuts (or whatever the kids are callings bets these days) that you have Facebook open in a seperate tab right now & were getting ready to update your status but then stumbled upon this blog posting & hopefully decided against it. No Samantha, I don’t care if you’re ‘excited to see some movie blah blah blah…..’ or ‘that you think rain is yucky’. Keep it to yourself. Idiot. What? You think I’m mean? That’s fine, come at me. I’m a man!!!! Just like Mike Gundy, except I don’t have Boone Pickens in my pocket. Now, THAT would be super sweet if I did. I would definitely update my status on Facebook with that gem.

PS – If you don’t know who Mike Gundy or Boone Pickens is, go perform a google search & learn something instead of updating your Facebook status. Smucks.

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