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Biff Timber is at the dentist! Oh no!

Posted by benacquitted on March 4, 2009

Wish Biff luck.

He has a drill in his mouth. Maybe he’ll have a funny post if he gets the gas. Possibly a little David After Dentist action. I’m going to meet him in the waiting room & follow him around with a camera for a little bit.

Update: Biff is drooling on himself. Good stuff.


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Posted by benacquitted on March 4, 2009

That reads ‘Hello Bitches!’ in Japanese. huh?

Anywho, we’re back. Slowly but surely……Emphasis on the ‘slowly’ part. None the less, there will be rants ensuing.

Stay tuned.

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Baddest Ass in the world injured…again

Posted by bencoping on December 8, 2008

Here’s to a speedy recovery Bear.

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Interesting fact that may only interest me…

Posted by bencoping on November 13, 2008

Exciting stuff out of the Hubble folks (and the folks in Hawaii who run the Keck):

That boys and girls is the first ever optical image of another planet outside of our solar system.  Roughly 25 light years away.  If that doesn’t blow your mind, then there is no hope.


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Congratulations to our new President

Posted by benacquitted on November 5, 2008

Our country will be a better place for it. Congratulations Barack Obama!

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Happy Halloween!

Posted by bencoping on October 31, 2008

Have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at BTB!

and please, try not to end up like these guys…

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Internal Change @ Biff Timber’s Blog

Posted by benacquitted on October 22, 2008

Hello to all you wonderful readers. I would like to inform you all that I will be relinquishing my writing duties effective immediately. I have self-appointed myself as editor-in-chief of Biff Timber’s Blog. This is strictly in an effort to fulfill our ultimate goal: reaching the front page of Digg. We did not expect our blog to gain exposure so quickly, we had 300+ page views yesterday, along with some awesome-o comments. All that in only 3 days of going public. Needless to say, some structure was needed within our community a little sooner than anticipated.

So keep reading the rants & mussings of Biff Timber, Ben Coping, & our guest writer; Ben Yankin. I will hold their performance to the highest standards that you have come to expect from Biff Timber’s Blog. Thank you for the tremendous support. We love you all, especially you, Mike from Akron.

Oh yea, one other thing. My grasshopper theory was correct. The Dow plunged over 500 points today.

Your editor-in-chief, Ben Acquitted

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Hangin’ Tough

Posted by benyankin on October 21, 2008

yeah, it’s been a while. and it’s not you, it’s definitely me. well, maybe it is you… a little.

anyway, i guess i just have been to pissed off about the new kids on the block concert being canceled last minute, or the steroid juices were flowing like the rio grande on a Sunday. But anyhoo, recently i received a sweet myspace message from a girl named Susan on behalf of her mom.

Susan, I tried to message you back, but I can’t because your profile is private (good to know those security controls are working. nice work, tom.) and I can’t add you. why don’t you add me first, and then I can accept and we can be friends. cool? cool! btw, your mom is supercool to let you have a myspace account. My mom won’t let me have one either. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her right?

Anyways’s Susan’s mom is a big fan and wants to know what annoying song has been playing on my blog. it’s called Hanging Tough and is by none other than those New Kids on My Block. You can read more about them here, if you’re interested. oh, and Susan’s mom? feel free to leave a comment, and then you can ask me anything you want! lily can show you how. geez, kids these days. Until next time, yankin long & yankin hard. Mr. T. always said, no pain no gain.

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